SJSU Math/Stats Colloquium, Fall 2023-2024

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

San José State University

Unless otherwise indicated, on colloquium days (Wednesdays unless otherwise noted):

Date Speaker Title (click links for abstracts) Location
Wed Aug 23 Judith Garcia, SJSU Career Center An introduction to the SJSU Career Center MH320
Wed Aug 30 SPECIAL EVENT Welcome to the major in math/stats at SJSU MH320
Wed Sep 06 SPECIAL EVENT Graduate school workshop MH320
Wed Sep 13 Naomi Andrew, Univ. of Oxford Automorphisms of Free-by-Cyclic Groups MH320
Wed Sep 20 Richard M. Low, SJSU New Diagonal Graph Ramsey Numbers MH320
Wed Sep 27 Nic Brody, UC Santa Cruz Two-by-two Matrices MH320
Wed Oct 04
Wed Oct 11 Sarah Cannon, Claremont McKenna Coll. Understanding Gerrymandering with Random Sampling MH320
Wed Oct 18 Craig S. Kaplan, U. Waterloo Aperiodic Monotiles Zoom
Wed Oct 25 Alvin Jin, MIT Topological Data Analysis and the Pursuit-Evasion Problem MH320
Wed Nov 01 Ashesh Chattopadhyay, UC Santa Cruz Towards Rigorous Frameworks for Scientific Machine Learning: Theory and Applications for Multi-Scale Chaotic Dynamical Systems MH320
Wed Nov 08 Sara Krehbiel, Santa Clara Univ. How Private is Your Data Analysis? MH320
Wed Nov 15 David Draper, UC Santa Cruz The Seven Pillars of Statistical Data Science MH320
Wed Nov 29 Ferdie Rivera and Plamen Koev, SJSU Enhancing Representations in Linear Algebra Through Virtual Reality MH320
Wed Dec 06 Ray Li, Santa Clara Univ. List-decodable codes MH320

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