SJSU Math/Stats Colloquium, Fall 2018-2019

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

San José State University

Unless otherwise indicated, on colloquium days (Wednesdays unless otherwise noted):

Date Speaker Title (click links for abstracts)
Wed Aug 29 SPECIAL EVENT Welcome to the major in math/stats at SJSU (download Word file of flyer)
Wed Sep 05 SPECIAL EVENT Graduate school workshop
Wed Sep 12 Dustin Ross, SFSU Curves, strings, and singularities: a tale of how theoretical physics revolutionized enumerative geometry
Wed Sep 19 Steve Brown, Intuit Teaching machines to understand the language of questions
Wed Sep 26 Bruno Sanso, UCSC Statistics Inferring release characteristics from an atmospheric dispersion model
Wed Oct 03 Math Career Day: Careers in Education Panel discussion and workshop
Wed Oct 10 Abishek Holder, UCSC Gradient Flows in Uncertainty Propagation and Filtering
Wed Oct 17 Kyle Hambrook, SJSU Measure and Dimension of Unions of Fractals
Wed Oct 24 Yan Zhang, SJSU Automated Cryptography
Wed Oct 31 Emille D. Lawrence, USF A New Perspective: How a Topologist Views the World
Wed Nov 07 John Bragelman, SJSU Micro-Noticing: A Lens on Novice Teachers' Trajectories of Learning to Notice
Wed Nov 14 Sogol Jahanbekam, SJSU (old homepage) Graph Partitioning Technique to Identify Physically Integrated Design Concepts
Wed Nov 21 NO COLLOQUIUM Happy Thanksgiving!
Wed Nov 28 Liam Stanton, SJSU (LinkedIn page) Modeling Charged Particle Transport: A Eulogy for the Coulomb logarithm
Wed Dec 05 Jesus De Loera, UC Davis Tverberg's theorem is 50 years old (and with a great future!)

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