SJSU Math/Stats Colloquium, Spring 2020-2021

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

San José State University

Unless otherwise indicated, on colloquium days (Wednesdays unless otherwise noted):

Please also note that job talks are subject to last-minute changes.

Date Speaker Title (click links for abstracts)
Wed Mar 03 Jessica de Silva, Stanislaus State A Virtual Summer at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Wed Mar 10 Derek Smith, Lafayette College Short Paths in Generalizations of the Sierpiński Carpet
Wed Mar 17 Diego Ricciotti, Sacramento State Random Games and Differential Equations
Wed Mar 24 Alex Cayco Gajic, École Normale Supérieure (Paris) Linking structure and function of neural circuitry in the cerebellum
Wed Apr 07 Erica Rutter, UC Merced Using Mathematics to Understand the Spread of COVID-19 on College Campuses
Wed Apr 14 sarah-marie belcastro, MathILy/Mathematical Staircase, Inc./Smith College Topological Graph Theory... and YOU!
Wed Apr 21 Mario Banuelos, Fresno State Machine Learning Methods in Genomic Variation
Wed Apr 28 Curtis Pro, Stanislaus State Dr. Hopf's Love, or: How I learned to stop worrying and visualize the 3-sphere
Wed May 05 Marissa Kawehi Loving, Georgia Tech What is a Mapping Class Group?
Wed May 12 Simone Sisneros-Thiry, CSU East Bay Refined counting of core partitions into distinct parts

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