SJSU Math/Stats Colloquium, Fall 2019-2020

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

San José State University

Unless otherwise indicated, on colloquium days (Wednesdays unless otherwise noted):

Date Speaker Title (click links for abstracts)
Wed Aug 28 SPECIAL EVENT Welcome to the major in math/stats at SJSU
Wed Sep 04 SPECIAL EVENT Graduate school workshop
Wed Sep 11 Dongwook Lee, UC Santa Cruz Modeling Plasma Flows Using Numerical Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD)
Wed Sep 18 Allan Greenleaf, U. Rochester (visiting MSRI) (Trying to) Diagnose Strokes with Electrostatics
Wed Sep 25 Judith Canner, CSU Monterey Bay A Comparison of Statistical Models with Longitudinal Data
Wed Oct 02 Trisha Bergthold, John Bragelman, and Wes Maciejewski, SJSU Engaging Underprepared University Students in Rigorous Mathematics: The Story of Math 1
Wed Oct 09 Richard Kubelka, SJSU Zombie Outbreak! Will You Survive? Just Do the Math
Wed Oct 16 Carly Rozins, UC Berkeley The birds and the bees: the industrialization of agriculture and its impact on diseases
Fri Oct 18 Lyudmila Korobenko, Reed College Elliptic equations with vanishing coefficients and regularity of solutions, 11AM, MH323
Wed Oct 23 Melissa Tacy, Univ. of Otago (vis. MSRI) Quantum chaos and random waves
Wed Oct 30 Chrysola Tsogka, UC Merced The Noise Collector for sparse recovery in high dimensions
Wed Nov 06 Daniel Ostrov, Santa Clara Univ. Optimal Decisions For Multiple Financial Goals
Wed Nov 13 Richard Low, SJSU Non-attacking Bishop and King Positions on Regular and Cylindrical Chessboards
Wed Nov 20 Gunther Uhlmann, U. Washington Harry Potter's Cloak Via Transformation Optics
Wed Dec 04 Andrea Arauza Rivera, CSU East Bay Calculus on Fractals: Also What Are Fractals

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